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As well as offering a complete Web Development service, we also offer a range of IT services to the local area.


There are a million courses available for you to 'enhance' your IT skills and knowledge, unfortunately there are never enough hours in a day to fit them in.

We offer one on one or small group tutoring on your premises on your chosen topics, whether it be simply how to turn on a PC or how to produce relational database queries in MySQL.

Maybe you just need a little support to back up your learning whilst on another course, we're happy to help there too.

PC Repairs / Upgrades

Though we don't deal directly in hardware (it is felt that such a specialised market should be handled by those who have the time to dedicate to that sole subject) we do upgrade and repair our clients PC's routinely.

All our parts are sourced from the most reputable companies and fully tested and, of course we research constantly to ensure we get the best value for your chosen products.

Or maybe you need a little guidance choosing your upgrade path, or diagnosing your repair? We can help put you on the right track!


It doesn't matter how easy your operating system tries to make it, ultimately Networking will always cause issues one way or another.

We specialise in local office and home networks, sharing printers, internet connections, even stored data.

Wired and wireless networks catered for.

Intranet Software

An internal network brings the advantage of shared resources, and a shared workload. Collaboration has never been so easy - except the off the shelf software rarely fits the needs of modern business.

We can design and produce the perfect complement to your office network, offering both collaboration and security to your company at the same price as most off the shelf solutions.

Why go generic when you can have your very own specialised intranet applications?

Multimedia Development

There are times when paper just doesn't cut it; when the web is just too limiting; when your client deserves something much more powerful.

Imagine sending a DVD with video footage showcasing your new vacation home's greatest features, or a complete product catalogue they can refer to whenever they like, where ever they like.

Anything you can do online, you can do better on a CD, more space, no download times, more freedom, why not give us a call with your ideas?

Logo / Branding Design / Business Stationery

Why not couple your web site with professionally designed business stationery at reduced prices.

We've recently teamed up with one of the UK's leading print suppliers to ensure only the best quality comes with this service, and fantastic prices.

Working closely with the company that designs and prints your Branded Products benefits us all, ensuring consistency throughout your promotional materials.

Prices coming soon, until then, contact us for more!

:IT Services

We also offer:

  • Software Support
  • Tutoring
  • PC repairs / upgrades
  • Networking
  • Intranet Software
  • Multimedia Development
  • Logo Design
  • Business Stationery

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